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Membership Options

Headline Member:

€2,000 per annum

Large Company: 

€1,000 per annum


€300 per annum

Academic/Research/Association:  €300 per annum

Individual or one-person companies:

€80 per annum


€20 per annum

IESA is one of the chief organisational bodies looking out for the interests of energy storage providers on the island of Ireland.

We are a growing group and are looking for engaged and active individuals and organisations to join.

Members receive many vital benefits such as; a training sessions on the storage market, representation for national energy storage issues, access to webinars, and a newsletter sent periodically. To see a full list of Services and Representations IESA can offer you see the link to the left.

If these all sound good to you, then fill out an application form online or email the application form to us via info@iesa.ie (clicking the link will open an email).

If you want to find out more information about becoming a member you can also email us on info@iesa.ie

Become a member of IESA today. IESA is proud to represent an exceptional community.
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