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The Irish Energy Storage Association (IESA) was established to promote the benefits of energy storage in Ireland. With the development of the DS3 programme, there is an increasing emphasis on energy storage in Ireland. Discussions between individuals and companies involved in the Irish energy storage sector resulted in the founding of IESA. 

The purpose of IESA is :

  • to represent parties in the energy storage space across a range of applications including; the provision of system services, exploitation of arbitrage opportunities in the energy sector, and maximisation of the benefits of renewable energy on the island of Ireland. This would involve a wide range of technologies including batteries, flywheels, super capacitors, hydroelectric, compressed air and thermal storage.

  • to follow DS3 developments and respond to Consultations representing the views of IESA members.

  • to actively promote energy storage on the island of Ireland in order to meet the needs of the I-SEM and assist in combating climate change. IESA aims to meet these needs through providing new system services to the Transmission System Operators.

IESA aims to influence policy decisions and implementation, follow DS3 developments, lobby on belhalf of parties in the energy storage space, represent the views of IESA members and promote energy storage on the island of Ireland.
IESA representing the energy sector on the island of Ireland

IESA represents the interests of the energy storage sector on the island of Ireland, by influencing policy decisions and implementation details through engagement with CRU, UR, SEM Committee, EirGrid, ESBN, Government Departments, EU and European energy bodies (for example in developing the Network Code).

IESA shares knowledge and experience with energy storage players worldwide, so that companies here can learn from significant energy storage developments around the globe. In addition, other countries can provide energy storage business and investment opportunities as well as learning from Ireland’s experience, particularly in relation to accommodating large scale intermittent generation on their systems.

IESA is signing International Affiliation Agreements with representative storage bodies from other countries.

Our Team 
Paddy Phelan
President and Council Member 
Paddy Phelan.jpg

CEO of South East Energy Agency and current President of Irish BioEnergy Association, Executive Committee of the Irish Wind Farmers Association, Member of the Chambers of Ireland Low Carbon Taskforce, Advisory Board Member of European Biogas Association, Council Member of the Irish Energy Storage Association. Board Member of SEAI 2015-2018. Part time lecturer in WIT in Sustainable Energy Engineering Course.

3cea is a not for profit local acting regional energy agency. Paddy has experience across the energy sector, from energy efficiency, energy management and renewable technologies. Industry Expert in the retrofit process with emphasis on social housing since 2012. 10 years EU project experience. A member of the AIEA, IRBEA and Meitheal na Gaoithe management committees since 2012. 

IESA President and Council Member Peter Duffy.
Peter Duffy 
Former President and founding member 

Peter has a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree in Diesel Engine research from the University College Dublin. He later acquired a Masters of Business Administration from Fordham University NYC.


Peter  worked in the ESB for almost 30 years - in power plants, training, commercial and regulatory functions. After his time in the ESB, he worked as a consultant gaining wide experience in the electricity sector in many countries including Ireland, Russia, Israel, Serbia, and Kosovo.


In recent years, Peter worked on power plant and energy storage projects in Ireland. He is a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality global team and is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland.

IESA Council Member Eugene Coughlan
Eugene Coughlan 
Council Member 

Eugene is a former Deputy Commissioner in the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) in Ireland. He currently is an independent consultant and an expert in the areas of energy policy, regulation and renewable energy. Eugene is working exclusively for Lumcloon Energy, who are developing 200MW of battery storage in Co. Offaly.

Prior to working in the CRU, Eugene was a senior official in the Department of Transport, Energy and Communications where he was primarily responsible for electricity policy. He also served as Private Secretary to the Minister.

Technical Advisor and IESA Council Member Frank Burke
Frank Burke
Technical Advisor and Council Member 

Frank has an Honours degree in Electrical Engineering from University College Dublin. He has worked for 45 years in the Electricity industry in Ireland, 38 years in the ESB.


Frank has extensive experience in electricity generation and supply. He also has experience in electricity markets including system services. He has assisted Schwungrad Energie in building a dynamic energy storage demonstration project to provide system services to EirGrid. Frank is now assisting Lumcloon Energy which is developing 200MW of Battery Energy Storage Plants in Co. Offaly.


 Frank is a fellow of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland.

IESA Council Member Carlos Galvan
Carlos Galvan
Council Member 

Carlos has 15 years experience in power systems, engineering and working on grid connections.

Carlos holds the title of European Engineer (Eur Ing), FEANI. Carlos qualified with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering (Power Stations and Power Lines) from Universidad Politécnica de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain in 2002.

Carlos is a Registered Member of CIGRÉ (International Council on Large Electric Systems), Official Member of the Industrial Engineering Institution (COITI), Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

Carlos is a member of the Distribution Code Review Panel, Ireland and also a member of the Irish Solar Energy Association grid committee.

IESA Council Member Dudley Stewart
Dudley Stewart
Council Member 

Dudley Stewart C. Eng. Chartered Power Engineer: Graduated Technology University Dublin (TU Dublin) in the early 1970’s Masters in Power & Hydro Engineering (ENSH) INPG (Grenoble, France). Headed up Caritas/Oxfam Operations in the Energy-crisis Bangladesh in the mid-70s, Dudley started Alternative energy Ltd. a dedicated Renewable Energy Company 1976 developing modern wind turbine blade design and governing systems and grid-connected inverters. From Senior Wind Energy Advisor to Shell International, Dudley headed up the UNICEF Engineering Unit for francophone East Africa in the mid-eighties – developing micro grid projects in disaster-prone Africa. Co-founded Micro Electricity Generation Association (MEGA) winning 2012 the State-supported Tallaght Smart Grid Test Bed with South Dublin County Council. Dudley directs MPOWER as Energy Solution Provider to EU Lighthouse Smart City ( ).

David Hourihane
Council Member 
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